About MuscleCeption

MuscleCeption was originally created for the purpose of sharing my thoughts on many random things in life. These thoughts are usually considered deep thoughts and with a lack of channels to express all these ideas and opinions, I needed a space I can express physically/virtually.

The original concept of this blog was simply an avenue to express - Where I'll blog and share only with my close friends and my Facebook. After several post and the personal feedbacks I've received and tracking traffic on MuscleCeption, I've realise there are individuals who find my posts interesting. As such I decided to start growing MuscleCeption into something a little more. I still share my thoughts, opinions and ideas but I'll be sharing other content I find interesting that may circle mostly around the fitness/bodybuilding topic but not limited to.

Let's see where this goes. If you like what you read here, support by sharing the articles you like with your friends or on Facebook, twitter, etc. Hope you enjoy your reads here! :)

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