Thursday, December 8, 2016

The pain of psychological problems

Illnesses are never easy regardless physical or mental - let's set that straight.

What people don't know is that psychological problems could be as bad or even worse than physical ones. It's hard for people to understand psychological problems because we often only understand as real what we are able to perceive.

With physical illnesses, we can see the virus, the disease, the pain, the wound, the threat. We empathize because what we perceive is equivalent to what they perceive. We understand and are therefore more inclined to lend compassion and sympathy for those with physical illnesses. We tend not to blame them because we see it as the virus' fault, the wound that is hurting or the genetics they were given.

When it comes to psychological issues, we tend to approach it very differently. We don't offer sympathy because we don't see any physical threat. It is more often approached with hostility instead of compassion. Instead of empathizing with them, we hold them responsible for whatever they're in. We think it is purely self-created since this time we see it as the mind's fault. Because everything is physically fine in their lives, we have stripped them of the right to have problems.

What people fail to understand is that beyond existential reality, it is perception that shapes our reality. Regardless of what is or what is not, in the eyes and minds of those suffering psychologically, the threats and suffering are as real as they are immense.

It is worse because they are not seen as sick, they are seen as weak. They have to walk around in their everyday lives as if everything is fine. They could be talking, smiling, and have everything going for them in the physical realm, yet behind that skull, their world is crashing and burning. And no one will ever know, because no one will understand. This is what makes psychological problems a silent but deadly killer. This is what makes it so scary.