Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reality Distortion: Self Agenda

I did bring up reality distortion and perception in previous posts. This is another look at it from another angle(non-conflicting angles).

Reality is distorted in so many ways and this false perception we create for ourselves is the root of most or if not all problems we seem to have. Today let's just talk about how it is distorted through self-agenda.

We have 2 kinds of self-agenda: The kind you're conscious of like when you decide to take part in an event to expand your social network and the kind you're not conscious of. This is the tricky one because we are so blind to it, we fail to see that we are the cause of things we wouldn't want in our lives. This is what we are focusing on here.

Let me demonstrate how self-agenda distorts reality. Imagine you are holding up an apple you just bought from the supermarket in your hand and looking at it. What most people see is a distortion of reality. People would see more than just an apple, they see food. They see more than just food, they see big/small apple. They see vitamins and health benefits. They may even see "good" or "bad" apple.

Keep in mind there are many factors that distorts reality and that we are looking only at self-agenda. Our self-agenda has distorted reality because the reality is what lays in our hand is just an apple. It is the bearing of a tree that is round and red in colour. Its purpose was not to serve us as food or to give us any vitamins. It's just an apple but our hunger and desire for sustenance has let us to rubricize objects into many different categories based on our own self agenda which distorts reality. We start to see an apple for what it means to us rather than what it really is.

This may seem harmless on an apple but when we translate this to our lives, it makes a difference. Take for example when someone says something that disagrees with/disproves something you believe in. The only reality that is available to us is what he has said. In fact to be more precise, it's the sound and noises his body is producing and we are distorting reality by making sense of these noises but that's beyond self-agenda distortion so let's not go there.

So reality is this person has spoken. Now because it challenges our ego of thinking we are smart and we perhaps have based much of our lives on what we believe, we have the agenda to preserve this image we have of ourselves and protect what we believe because we don't want to have put in so much work based on something that isn't true so we distort reality by turning hostile and seeing this person as "stupid" or "arrogant" or so many other characteristics that would either downplay him as a person to devalue what he has said or downplay him as a person just to feel better about ourselves in general thus accomplishing our agenda of preserving our ego. Yet all this happens so subtly we see none of it. All we see is what our agenda has let us to see causing us to go about creating conflicts, fights and problems for ourselves.

Negative self-agenda is usually brought by having an underlying issue. For example, a person with low self-esteem would often distort reality to either reconfirm what he thinks of himself or to again protect the ego and this leads to negative emotions and/or situations. Regardless, there is always self-agenda whether good, bad or neutral. It pays to be aware of all of them to develop self-awareness which goes a long way towards self-development. Mindfulness as I have talked about in my previous post is critical towards realizing our own self-agendas.

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