Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Unlocking Happiness: Philosophy or Psychology?

The aim of this post is to open you to the idea that you could actually be so unaware of your own motivation system that it forces you to build consciousness and awareness over it, thus enabling you to work on it and be happy!

So let us imagine computers. Let's say you own a computer for the sole purpose of editing videos. You're using Windows operating system and running software X to help you edit videos. Today I come up to tell you "I see you're having problems with editing your videos using software X, why not go for software Y?"

Let us assume these are the only 2 software available. Now software Y runs on a Mac operating system. Clearly the underlying interpretation of switching to software Y includes switching to a Mac. Why? Because we are conscious and aware of the different operating systems. What if we're not? What if we are speaking to a computer dummy?(I'm hoping you're not)

Then your response will pretty much be "Software Y doesn't work. I tried installing it, it doesn't work. Sure, on paper it sounds good but in reality, all its features mean nothing because I can't install it."

Well, that's as close as a metaphor I can give to illustrate my experience when speaking to people with regards to philosophy on happiness. Except it's even more complex when it comes to philosophy and psychology.

In this case the operating system is like you, your psychology. The software is your philosophy on happiness. And editing videos? That's happiness.

Except when we talk about happiness it goes even deeper. Your psychology is structured based on your philosophy of happiness. How you interpret and understand happiness determines how you operate on the very subconscious level. It leaves its mark on your beliefs, your motivations, your desires, everything that you are conscious and unconscious of.

Think about it: everything you do is for happiness. We established that in the previous post. Everything you do. That clearly shows how much your philosophy on happiness is going to be written all over your psychology. Imagine today your salary is $10k, you've been working your whole life to save up to $1m. Tomorrow money has no value. The world operates on commodities. Get it? The meaning of money changes and suddenly your whole life is incompatible.

Which brings us back to our key and door lock problem. I'm not a locksmith so I don't know, but let's assume the key is cut based on the shape of the lock. Obviously that key isn't going to work on other locks. It was designed specifically for your lock. It's exactly the same thing with philosophy and psychology.

If you are unaware and unconscious to the fact that your motivation/belief system is simply a system that you designed subconsciously over years and you try forming opinions on a different philosophy on happiness, obviously it's incompatible. It's like trying to use your car keys to open your house door. But if you aren't aware of the existence of the keys and you only ever see the doors, you would think only one door in this world works, except in the case of unhappy individuals, it doesn't either.

Well, people only ever see the doors(philosophy on happiness) and not the keys(your psychology). That's the key to happiness. (Mega pun intended)

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