Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happiness - a self fulfilling prophecy

Happiness is really simple: Want nothing, have everything, be happy.

Why then are so many people in a constant struggle to be happy? A question I've pondered upon for years, having experience both happiness and the lack of it myself as well.

I thought of just about everything. Could it be greed? Constantly wanting more and thus never being able to be content with the present moment. Could it be society? Was it because we were taught to constantly strive and thus we became chasers that never learnt to just sit down and appreciate what's here. Maybe its denial? We worked so hard at something that we refuse to acknowledge its the very thing causing unhappiness.

I think greed is only the surface and society has its flaws but it's not the cause. Denial only makes getting out harder but it isn't a cause either.

I think the lack of value we place on ourselves is the problem. Self worth in itself doesn't bring us happiness but the fact is, happiness comes from within. The only time we can be happy is if we believe we can be and for that to happen, we need to believe we are worthy of it for us accept our own happiness from within. The lack of self worth causes us to believe we cannot be happy because we don't think we are worthy of having happiness within us - that happiness belongs only to those who are "great".

For most of us when we were young our parents showed us love unconditionally and our sense of worth was at its highest. As we grow older we are taught to be independent. Love is showed still but a lot more subtly and we learn not to accept so much "pampering" as we try to become independent. We even realize the love is unconditional, and deep within our consciousness we began to doubt all that self worth we once felt.

This explains why we were so happy when we were young and as we get older, things change. Now we began to attach our happiness to places we learnt to attach our self worth. Good grades doesn't make you happy. Good grades makes you feel a sense of worth. It is this worth that allows you to believe you can be happy and thus you are. Happiness was always there inside of you, its whether you allow yourself to embrace it.

Good grades is different for everybody and changes throughout each person's life. You may attach your worth to the number of friends you have, to your success, to your job, to your salary, to the number of likes you get on instagram, to another person, or to the combination of everything above.

The more conditions you require yourself to fulfill to achieve self worth the harder it is to be happy. But really, its quite simple: Want nothing, have everything, be happy.

Happiness is within you; you have everything you need. Why want anything more? Be happy.