Friday, January 8, 2016

The Rat Race

Just watched the video above and it left me with the need to express.

People always have the idea that to leave the rat race, you've to become your own boss. And all I see around me these days are people with their "brilliant" business ideas that are all apparently going to be a hit. Suddenly everyone has their business idea. Everyone's leaving the "rat race". And it seems we're going to be out of employees pretty soon.. People no longer have to deal with joblessness, now businesses are going to deal with 'employeelessness'.

Leaving the rat race to me isn't leaving the system that's in place. It isn't running away from the crowd. At least not physically. Rat race isn't a physical phenomenon, it's a mental one. It is the inability to be still, to be contented and to be fully in the present moment.

The race is in our minds. We are unable to be still. We have to constantly strive. Aim to be the best, aim for that promotion, keep on aiming. Why? Because we are unable to be contented with what we have. We get that promotion, but we're only happy for a moment. Then it fades and we go back striving, unhappily. Why? Because we are unable to be fully in the present moment.

We constantly think about the future. In fact, some of us plan them so well. It's almost as though the more detailed your plans for the future are, the wiser and more "matured" you are looked at by today's standards. Everything we do today, is for tomorrow. Everything we do now, is for later. But tomorrow and later never comes. It's elusive. What we have is here, today and now. And that's all we will ever have.

We make decisions about the future based on the even more distant future and our predictions for them, And everything we do now is a result of that decision we made.

Sometimes people ask me "What are you going to study in uni?", upon my reply they will ask me "What are your prospects afterwards?" or "Your prospects are limited.". And the truth is I haven't given much thought to it and I'm not going to. I chose what I wanted to do not where I wanted to go.

I have no plan. Plans not my thing. The only rat race is having plans. Because like it or not, when we make decisions prioritizing the future, we are stuck in a mindset that has learnt to constantly make us suffer now. And now is all that we will ever have. That's the rat race.

It doesn't matter if you become your own boss. You just become a bigger rat. But you're still racing.