Friday, November 21, 2014

Introducing [Random Perspectives]

Welcome to my new blog series Random Perspectives. The focus of this series will be away from bodybuilding but instead on just about any random topic under the sun - from life to death.

What to expect from this series I don't quite know myself. I'm just going to sit in front of whatever device I type from with a bunch of perspectives and see what happens. It may be answers to questions I've had in the past, or questions to answers I've had. Or just ideas and perspectives I feel the need to share. Although what I often write on this blog can sometimes be described as random already, the difference between this series of posts and other posts is this will be a lot less conclusive, a lot more of provoking reader thought rather than influencing thought and a lot more personal(sharing of thought processes of current experiences rather past). Oh and of course, nothing to do with bodybuilding as a sport but rather at the very most, bodybuilding as an agent in my life.

I've decided to start writing this series because I've been having fruitful conversations with like-minded individuals in my time NS and it reignited the desire to express and share perspectives and thoughts.

This series isn't intended as a series like how you would imagine a TV series. I call this a series because it's a personal project of mine for self development - hence a series of blog posts. I have found that though sitting in a quiet room or outfield staring at the grass and reflecting is the only way I derive at deep thoughts and unique perspectives, this sometimes led to more questions than it did to answers.

What I found recently is that answering these questions were possible when conversing with other like-minded people. The answers need not necessarily come from them, but when expressing one's view on a particular subject, one tends to understand it better and answer one's own questions. Or sometimes, one is prompted with the right questions that forces oneself to realise he has the answer all along. Thus as I aim to express them here, perhaps I'll find my answers. If not, hopefully find more perspectives out there from readers.

Last but not least, this is a means for me to stay productive(if I'm not already) in NS, thus helping time pass. And of course, keep my English in check because the English in army really quite jialat lah!

Till next time.
-Ashley Foo