Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why bodybuilding competitions can be for everyone

Recently I read an article from T-nation saying that competitive bodybuilding is not for everyone. It was titled '5 Reasons Why You Should Not Compete' and I can't help but disagree.

To summarize the article from T-nation, the 5 reasons are:
1. You're not ripped.
2. You just don't have enough muscle.
3. Your calves suck.
4. You have a bad structure.
5. Your skin is ugly.

If you're a bodybuilder or bodybuilding fan, you must have been in a cave if you've never seen this photo before. Even if you're not, you probably have stumbled upon it before.

Lots of trolling and insults has been made with this picture and to the obviously out of shape man. And if you're in this industry you know that such trolling is everywhere; this just happens to be one of the more infamous ones.

I don't have an issue with the trolling or insults, stepping onstage the man should've been prepared for it. What I am against is the people who say these people have no business being on stage. Even T-nation using this exact picture and writing an article saying such people do not belong on stage.

I don't think anyone has a right to say who has business being on stage and who doesn't without at least knowing the person.

Why? Who knows the story of these people? What if this man used to be twice the size he is right now, suffering from high blood pressure and all sorts of medical conditions with his life at risk? What if his motivation to change things was an idol of his who is a bodybuilder and he decides he wants to make a change so he signs up for this bodybuilding contest as the first step to changing his life.

Same goes for the people who "had not enough muscle". What if they used to be obese? Or maybe they used to be even skinnier?

And if you're thinking that they already got into shape why not withdraw from the competition because they are not "ready", I say you're seeing things on the surface. There's something to be said about following through with your own plans, words and decisions. If you said you will compete in ABC 2015, do it whether you are in shape or not. If you don't, it will be engrained into your character that your decisions and words mean nothing and such character never gets anyone anywhere.

Bodybuilding is just like any other competition. Do you tell a slow runner he has no business trying to complete a marathon? Even amputated people run races. Bodybuilding competitions or competitions of any sort on the amateur level is not about pleasing the crowd, entertaining spectators or even winning as much as it is a self-fulfilling experience along with the journey that came before in order to prepare for it to the best of the individual's ability. Amateur events are not about winning, especially where the lowest level is concerned. The personal development one can achieve from the journey is worth so much more than a piece of plastic trophy.

Granted, it is still a competition where people compete against one another. But if we join competitions only if we think we can actually win it, the Mr Olympia will only have 5 competitors. Or less. In the same train of thought, it doesn't matter if you have bad genetics, bad structure, no chance of winning, not ripped, not enough muscle, bodybuilding competitions can be for everyone.

I say "can" be for everyone and not is for everyone because there is only one time I believe an individual does not belong on stage. Only 1 reason why you should not compete. That is if you did not put in your best effort. If you didn't give your best for your preparation, don't step on stage. There is no reason for you to step on stage, even if you look good. This covers the trolls who of course did not put in any effort and even seasoned bodybuilders. It is not annoying seeing out of shape people on stage. It is annoying seeing a bodybuilder who's on stage and his physique and attitude clearly shows he did not put in his best and is not where he is capable of being. In other words, he half-fucked his prep for whatever reason. And I'm not referring to guys who miss their mark and come in a little off but are still posing their ass off and you can feel their fighting spirit, I mean guys who clearly did not put in their best. That's the only time the audience will bored and annoyed - even if they can place high.


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