Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why you SHOULD dirty bulk

Dirty bulking.

Every bodybuilder no matter what body type, what age, what level or even how informed you are; you will have at some point in time or another fell into the temptation and dilemma on whether or not to dirty bulk. I mean, isn't it just awesome? Eat whatever you want, however much you want and make gains? Watch the scale climb week after week, feel SWOLE. Is that not a dream come true for any bodybuilder? - The eat big get big mentality. And if you're an ectomorph, dirty bulk seems like the cure to your "curse".

When the dilemma comes, most turn to science for an answer. And for the unaware, science will tell you that dirty bulking is a no go. The excess calories will just turn into fat and do nothing for muscle growth, higher fat percentages mean your hormones will be less optimal thus gaining less muscle and even more fat and this becomes a cycle causing a "downward spiral".

No matter how aware you are of this, you are still tempted. The dilemma still stands. You are out to find a reason that you should still dirty bulk. Well, ladies and gentlemen(although I'm guessing only the gents would be thinking of dirty bulking), I have the reason you've been looking for.

As a former dirty bulker myself... wait wait you don't believe me???

AS I was saying... as a former dirty bulker myself, I can tell you one thing dirty bulking has done for me and I believe many others as well; without their knowledge. You see every time I see an IFBB Pro talk about how he used to dirty bulk, eat crap, didn't know better and will never do it again, I can't help but see a trend that so many Pros have all done it.

As I thought a little further about what is it about dirty bulking that makes great bodybuilders, I found my answer:

You will get fat. Really fat. What happens then? You're going have to bust your ass like never before just to lose all that fat and in so doing, you learn what hard work really is(or at least come closer to realizing), you discover a you you've never discovered before and you become a much stronger person mentally - almost like a new you.

These benefits transcend to other aspects of bodybuilding(and life too) and now when it's "offseason" you know what hard work is and you do it. When it comes to dieting, you're almost an expert not just because of how hard you work but because of your experience of dropping body fat at just about every fat percentage level. You've plateaued a million times at different fat percentages and you know how to overcome them.

You will become a stronger version of yourself. Just be prepared to work hard and not stay fat forever.

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