Monday, July 21, 2014

Why I LOVE dieting!!!!

I'm not sure I know of anyone that loves dieting. Whether you're a casual lifter, someone who just wants to shred some pounds to fit into your clothing or a bodybuilder - especially bodybuilders! - you probably hate dieting. Well.. I LOVE IT.

Before I go on to tell you what is it about dieting that makes me love it, I would like to first say that some of my reasons are specific to my style of dieting. What style is that? Well let's just say the kind that eats clean, eats every 3 hours and all self prepped meals(and yea I do count macros).

Let's get straight to it! Here's why:

Getting lean.

Or should I say shredded! Okay this is a no brainer but its still significant to why I love dieting. Don't you just hate all the blurred lines during the offseason? You're gaining muscle but you don't really look any better because it's all covered up. Dieting is the time you finally reveal all the gains you've made!


Or should I say faster progress. Shredding is definitely faster than building muscle and thus you can actually look forward to VISIBLE changes every 1-2 weeks! Heck, some days I wake up and look so much better than the previous! If that doesn't excite you and get you pumped up... I don't know what will!


Wait what? Food??? Hell yeah. If you understand life you understand that depriving yourself of anything makes that thing so much better. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

This is proven by economics. The supply and demand concept is proof that the less the availability of something, the more its worth and likewise if there's a greater demand. When you diet, you've both!!! Less supply of awesome food and a sickening demand for it. So why does this make me love dieting?

Cheat meals! The way I designed my cheat meals isn't to just stray off the diet a little and try to hold back. Nonono. I make it a point to EAT. It is my refeed, my metabolism boost and my tiny little bit of sanity. So I eat whatever I want and in whatever amounts I want - as long as it sends my daily calories sky high.

Awesome food on a diet taste 378% better than when not on a diet. Another 492% if you're on a clean diet and eating chicken breast all day. That's not all; you won't have to feel the slightest bit guilty because it's part of the plan! Heck, you'll feel even better because you know you're doing something that adds towards your goal, you'll look better after or the next day because your muscles are full again and your metabolism is bumped up! Only with dieting will you ever experience this!

Oh, and dieting grew my love for food. I used to take eating as a chore but now I appreciate every bit of "normal" food I eat when I'm offseason!


This is probably what I love MOST about dieting. I believe however that this is very specific to my style of dieting and even then, it is only truly felt when done with my Psychological Conditioning techniques.

If you don't know what the grind is.. forget all your awesome food, late night partying and sleeping in on weekends - you've not experienced life yet. I don't know if there's any proper way to define the grind but if I have to I'll say it's a zone that you enter physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually when you are working very hard. You will change immediately when you enter the grind. Every aspect of your life will be improved(unless it is compromised by what you are grinding for).

Personally, I will be more alert(until my diet starts messing with me). I will be more efficient. I operate so much better. I wake up on 5 hours of sleep with ease. I will be more discipline and organised in my life. I feel purposeful everyday. And so on!!

Best of all, when you get off the grind, you retain a good amount of these positive effects from it. Maybe I should just write an entire post on this!

So then, if I love dieting so much why not just live that lifestyle forever? Well, the beauty of it lies in the fact that it is temporary. That's what makes it so much more intense and purposeful. And if you understand life and the dualism theory or yin and yang, you can't stay on any one point/lifestyle/direction forever. Life and everything in it in cyclical. You've your highs but you must also have your lows.



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