Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Number 1 Reason Some Can NEVER Stick To Their Plans. Is this you?

In my bodybuilding and fitness journey in Singapore I’ve always witnessed individuals who for some reason or another can never reach their goal. And I’m not talking about lazy people who never get started nor am I talking about over ambitious people whose goals are unrealistic. I’m talking about people who should be reaching their goal but never do because they always end up screwing their plans over or every time they are halfway through or close, something will just go wrong. Something… And this applies not only to bodybuilding and fitness but life.

Does this sound familiar to you? Or is this you? Someone who hops on a new diet or training plan, everything goes well and suddenly, you screw yourself over and eat crap or miss training. Suddenly you are injured or school/work is really requiring your attention.

This is what I call Psychological Sabotage. The thing about Psychological Sabotage is that most people who suffer from it are unaware of it – that’s what makes it lethal.

So what exactly is this Psychological Sabotage? It is a psychological condition whereby an individual is afraid of success for what it may or will imply. “What do you mean afraid of success? I want to lose weight what is there to be afraid of?!” – I hear you.

There are so many reasons one could be afraid of success and most of the time it remains buried so deep in your emotions that it is engraved into your behaviour but yet never manifest into an actual thought. Thus it affects you without your being conscious of it.

What could you be afraid of? Only you know. For losing weight, success may imply you’ve to keep doing what you’re doing for the rest of your life to keep it that way. For studying hard it might imply you doing well in exams and going to the school you know you want to go to but going to that school implies you can’t follow your friends who intend to go to another school which you would follow if you are unable to enter the school you know you want to go to. Success might mean others will look up to you and you are afraid of taking on such a big responsibility. So on..

You get the point. These fears evade your conscious mind and affect your psychology without your knowledge. Every time you get close to reaching your goal you will sabotage yourself without realising it.

I’m not immune either. I’ve been suffering from psychological sabotage as well. As my national service enlistment approaches I’ve been afraid of progressing in bodybuilding because it only implies I’ll have to lose more while serving.

How do we overcome psychological sabotage? The very first step is to become aware of such a thing – which you have just. Next you’ve to know that you are suffering from it. Are you sure you are not suffering from it? Spend time reflecting, do some personal soul searching, study yourself from time to time.

Discovering the condition is the solution because when we are aware of it, we can learn to talk ourselves out of the fear, learn to face the fear and be more mindful each time we are about to self-sabotage. Of course for every individual fear there is a different set of solutions as for how you will face it or remove it.

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