Monday, July 28, 2014

STOP!!! Read this BEFORE switching to a new diet!

So you've been trying to shred some body fat, get lean and look great. You hop onto whatever diet you heard about from your friends, the latest hyped up diet or whichever diet sounded the best to you.

You've been on your diet anywhere from 2-6(or even 20) weeks and you're not seeing any - or your desired - results. If you're on a moderate carb & low fat diet, you've drawn the conclusion that your body is carb sensitive and doesn't respond well with carbs in your diet. You think a keto or atkins diet is going to be your magical solution in that case and you want to switch over.

Likewise if you're on basic low carb diet and not seeing results, you think your body responds well to fasting and now you want to hop onto intermittent fasting. If you're doing IIFYM and not seeing results, you think your body is unique and cannot handle any form of "unclean foods" and you switch over to a clean eating style diet. And so on...

You get idea. Well, I've go news for you....


Yes, all diets work. That is on the philosophical/methodological level at least. No matter what body type you are, what your genetics and how advanced you are, all diets work. Well.. unless of course you're trying some mambo jumbo diet that's unheard of and marketed by some business man or complete idiot.

I may not be a fan of many diets out there; diets that I will never even consider trying in this given lifetime. But I bet my ass that if I go on those diets and adopt their philosophy, I can get just as lean.

My point? You are not getting as lean as you want to be because of one or more of the 9248247 possible reasons and not your diet. You may not be implementing your diet right. You may not have understood your diet properly. You may have abused the philosophy behind your diet. You might not be getting enough sleep. You might not be training hard enough. You might not have the right mindset. You might not believe in yourself. You might not be following your diet strictly. You might not be drinking enough water. Who knows!

The reason behind switching diets must never be in the hopes of going from no/poor results to great results. Switching diets should be about finding the more OPTIMAL way to getting results. Optimal could mean one of two things. Either you THINK you'll get the same results faster or better results in the same period of time. It should never be about going from no results to great results. It should be from good results to better results. Maybe you'll a tad leaner.. or you'll hold on to a tad more muscle - that's it!

Preference is another reason to switch diet. But switching diets in hope of magically obtaining results is NOT the way to go. Why?

Such an act only goes to show you're putting the blame on external factors rather than yourself. Things you can't control per se like whether a diet actually works or blaming your genetics by telling yourself some bullsh*t story about how your body doesn't respond to carbs.

That said, on the rare occasion, switching diet may actually help achieve SOME level of results when the former diet failed to do so. The reason behind this isn't because your hypothesis about the ineffective diet and mystical genetics you have is true but because certain diets are so called fail safe. For example a keto diet. Anyone that goes from carbs to no carbs is going to see a difference.

That said, it still does not solve the problem because your inability to achieve results with a diet that actually works shows you are lacking somewhere. Switching to a fail safe diet gets you SOME results, but not the results you want and certainly not the optimal results. The reason being your short comings are still present - whatever it may be. It will carry on to whichever diet you hop onto.

So stop switching diets and think. If you find that this applies to you, stick to your diet and keep working towards the results you want. Find out what really went wrong and fix it. Get your desired results THEN decide if next time you want to use a different dieting approach.


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