Sunday, July 13, 2014

My most potent ingredient for building muscle

I’ve shared many uncommon perspectives with each post I’ve written that challenged many norms. In fact, every post of mine challenges a norm. I mean.. why would I bother writing an article just to tell you to keep doing what you’re doing for the reasons you already know? I won’t even feel a need to share such information. Okay okay, minimal ranting. I promise.

In light of my recent posts on Dirty Bulking and Protein Shakes, I was questioned about my logic. I’m glad I was questioned because I’m sure few of you might feel the same way and this will be my opportunity to explain to you as well as share my secret ingredient for building muscle.

I was asked why I would intentionally make things difficult for myself when muscle building is hard enough. Why not just focus on building muscle?

This question is significant because its answer also reinforces what MuscleCeption stands for.

All too often I’ve witness individuals caught up with scientific questions when they are not even performing close to where they should be for the amount of scientific knowledge they possess at present. So clearly something is holding them back besides scientific knowledge. Yet the problem is they always put the blame on a lack of knowledge and thinking what they do is not working rather than how well it’s done that’s the problem.

Sometimes what these many individuals need are not more scientifically right answers, but THE right answer. Not the answer that satisfies science, but the answer that addresses their problem. Now, it’s not always a problem because problems are specific and I will have no business sharing it as a general perspective here. The reason I share it here is because as much as what I say it directed to answering their questions, it’s not so much what I said in the post per se that’s important, but the message it sends and the idea it represents is aimed at encouraging a broadened perspective for everyone. And this perspective can help anyone even if there is no “problem” to begin with.

Pardon my lengthy explanations – for my brief ones always lead to misunderstandings.

So what is this perspective I’m sharing? What is MuscleCeption’s message? What is this secret ingredient to building muscle?

Simply put, you need character. And sometimes the steps to building one’s character will not only seem useless in building muscle because of how indirect it is but it also seem impractical or even go against science, on the surface level. But as you will come to realise if you have not already, it helps you in the long run and not the short.

You see, by simply making the decision that focuses on building character and going against science, you’ve built character already. You’ve learnt to be patient and not seek immediate gratification but instead learn to see things in the long run through a bigger picture.

Character; you build it and it benefits you for the rest of your life. It’s like a multiplier to your score. Focusing on the scientifically right answer is like focusing on the score itself. In other words, the strategy to get the highest score is to get the multiplier the earliest, then start earning scores.

That is why you would notice I discourage the use of protein shakes when starting out, or if you’ve already started then for a while and not permanently. As with dirty bulking I offered the idea of doing it once to build the character, not to do it forever.

My most potent ingredient for building muscle is character.

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