Monday, July 7, 2014

CHALLENGING THE NORM - How society responds

Here's how society operates:

Should you decide to do something unconventional, you will encounter some resistance or negative feedback. Yeah, nothing surprising here.

Now when it comes to judgement day, whatever it may be, if your unconventional method fails, everyone will call you out for being an idiot. They would talk about how clear it was that it would never have worked; even those who remained silent/neutral before. They wonder how stupid you must have been to even try it in the first place.

If however, you succeed, suddenly you are a genius and people respect you for trying something different and believing it would work. Suddenly what you do makes perfect sense to everyone. Although you know yourself that had the result been otherwise, even if it's the result of other factors, people would have called you out for idiocy.

The question is what is the difference? In both cases, the sentiments are the same: You had an idea you believed in and went with it. If you're thinking that the result is a reflection of the person's calibre, you are right to some extent but wrong too.

Even the intelligent will do something unconventional and fail. If you're someone who tries unconventional approaches, you WILL encounter failure - even if you had or will eventually encounter the success that people will respect. So to say it's a measure of intelligence or calibre isn't too right.

Take my approach for Muscle War 2014(MW2014) for example. I chose to diet 25 weeks - a rather unconventional length for a straight diet. At the beginning I received some feedback that it's too long. No major objection but some feedback and some people did think I didn't know what I was doing.

Now for me, this penned out in the success route. And suddenly the 25 weeks becomes something people respect me for. Now people suddenly think 25 weeks or at least the idea it stands for - a slow diet - is a sensible and logical approach.



I could've imagined that had I failed, even if it's not because of the length of the diet, people would've gone: "Man what was he thinking? Why is he so dumb? Clearly 25 weeks is too long. You'll lose too much muscle."

Here's my point. It's easy to sit back, follow the norm in comfort, even if you're in the trenches working on your dream, you're at the comfort of not being called an idiot but instead, do it to others. Credit has to go to those who aren't afraid of trying what they believe in and aren't afraid to challenge the norm and be criticized.

Even MuscleCeption is unconventional in nature and most of the posts here challenge the norm. I mean hey, if you're not happy with normal results, stop doing normal things.

Don't be afraid to challenge the norm.



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