Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Disorders in bodybuilding & fitness

Before I begin I would like to make clear that I'm no psychologist. Nor do I proclaim to be an expert. I would, though, declare that I've an interest in psychology that I'm only beginning to discover.

As many may know, I'm a big fan of clean eating - for reasons beyond science. Not the kind of clean eating where you think you're going to get in shape just because you're eating clean but the kind that counts macros and believes in eating clean. The definition of clean is subjective to every individual - but that's is another topic for another day.

What many may not know is that I believe there is a place for IIFYM/Flexible dieting as well. Not the kind you literally fit your macros without any regard for general health or micro-nutrients, but the kind that gives you more flexibility than a strict clean diet will. What very few know is that I'm currently incorporating flexible dieting principles in my diet to a large extent(not fully) but I sure am hell not eating clean at the moment.

I tell you this because I want you to know I take no sides; just in case of any misunderstanding.

Now we get into the substance of this article. Many claim the reason behind their decision to adopt IIFYM methodology is because eating clean has caused them eating disorders and made them obsessive when it comes to food.

Well, nothing wrong with that. I would agree that the "old school" way requires a certain level of obsession that many cannot handle before it breaks them. I believe that a certain level of obsession is necessary to become the very best we can be. Now, I don't mean obsession with food per se but obsession with food that originates from the obsession to becoming the best possible. Again, another debatable topic and probably best left for another post.

The point I'm really leading to is this: I've seen a ton of IIFYM guys trashing eating clean with the argument of eating disorders. Even when it comes not to trashing but when they reflect, they are always so happy they got out of their "disorder".

The first thing that comes to mind when I see such posts is: What about your image disorder? As I've mentioned at the beginning I'm no psychologist but from what knowledge I have, eating disorder isn't the root to the problem, image disorder is. You were not obsessed with eating clean, you were obsessed with your image. The fear associated with the disorder is not the fear of obsessive eating clean but the fear that if you don't, you will become fat. The root to the problem is the image disorder, while eating clean is just throwing wood to the flame and making the symptoms obvious.

Here's my challenge to anyone on IIFYM who truly seeks a journey of being free from so called "disorders". Get fat. Don't fit your macros - it's still an obsession. Eat freely. Live as anyone free of disorders would(and have no desire for becoming jacked - or fit - as hell)

Once you're fat enough or by society's standard, normal, live with it for awhile. Only then do you come back and fit your macros, eat clean, whatever.

I'm no god. I'm not immune to developing an image disorder either. Which is why, for my Instagram followers, you saw me post a tonnnnnnnnn of food pics post contest after MW2014. I was not satisfying cravings. I was eating freely with the intent to lose my definition. Yes, I did enjoy it but believe me, it was actually hard. After eating clean and very strictly for more than a year, it is much easier to just live in the pattern I've developed. I've engraved the habit so deep it was easier to automatically eat my chicken breast and brown rice than to eat freely.

Nuff' said.

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  1. Hi ! Do you mind to share your workout routine ? I know the fact that it might not suit me. I just want to take it as a reference. Looking forward for your reply :)