Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why you shouldn't take protein shakes(Anonymous question answered)

Hey man, thanks for the question. The straight up answer is no, there is absolutely no need for protein shakes. The long answer is:

Protein shakes are simply a replacement for real food. Its plus point is a good macro nutrient ratio where the protein is high while the carb and fats are low, thus making it easy to hit your protein intake while not exceeding your carb and fat intake. Also, for guys with small appetites or busy schedules, its a convenient way to hit your protein intake. It also boast quality protein as the amino acid profile of whey(assuming you're not talking about other kinds of protein powders), is good and so is the biological value(BV) which measures primarily absorption. Although it's been understood that the amino acid profile of protein from meat is the best for muscle-building. It is always advisable to have your protein intake come from a variety of sources to make sure you are getting a full range of nutrition where amino acids and micro nutrients are concerned.

So if there's no real need for protein shakes, now comes the question of should you have it for the benefits described above? Here's where you get a little about what I call Psychological Conditioning. When I first started of bodybuilding, I refused to use any supplements at all. So we're quite the same. I hated the idea of depending on something external to maintain my body and protein shakes always felt like that to me - something external.

The result was I learnt not to be lazy. Because to be honest, the number 1 purpose of protein shakes is for helping us be lazy with having to eat and cook so much and instead just shake it up and drink it down. So I always believe there is a huge psychological benefit that comes from not using protein shakes for the first 1-2 years of your bodybuilding/fitness journey. This will condition your mind to hard work.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Hi, just a lil bit curious. So, you didn't take any protein shake for now ?

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    2. I do take protein shakes now. The reasons are I have already conditioned my mind with years of only depending on natural foods and my protein intake is much higher now.

      This is something you do preferably when you're starting out and your protein requirement isn't too high.

  2. Thanks for reply man ! Your words help me a lot !

    1. My pleasure! To add on, what I do now, which is something non-beginners can do is limit a certain % of your protein intake that you are allowed to use shakes/bars to hit. The rest have to come from natural sources. :)

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