Sunday, June 29, 2014

What's up with MuscleCeption??

Some are new to this site and must be wondering what's MuscleCeption all about. Others who are familiar must be wondering why the sudden influx of posts.

I created MuscleCeption in 2013 for the purpose of sharing my thoughts/perspectives/opinions/ideas on many different many topics. Why a blog for that? These things I share aren't just simple opinions on matters. They are often unusual and though I hate using this word but it's the only way I can think to describe it - deep.

The original design of MuscleCeption

The second design of MuscleCeption

They often question the basic conventions we are accustomed to by looking from a deeper or alternate perspective. Needless to say with many such thoughts I can't possibly be bombarding my friends with these stuff yet the urge to express what few have thought of is strong.

Hence the birth of MuscleCeption. I started with a small pool of very supportive readers who were all friends - which I am grateful for because the whole idea is to express and it helps knowing that someone is actually reading what I write. I felt heard. These readers have always given positive feedback about what I write and even engaged me in discussions about my posts. I then realised that there are people who find this blog interesting.

A week ago, I had an urge to share a very big topic. One I'm in the midst of working on now - the Psychological Conditioning series. As I begin writing that, my passion for writing was sparked greater than ever and I decided that I want to do something with MuscleCeption. I want to share with others all the thoughts that I've kept in my head for years and new ones I'm getting every other day. I want MuscleCeption to serve a purpose.

So I've decided to grow MuscleCeption. My goal now for MuscleCeption is to entertain readers, encourage more thinking in the area of bodybuilding and fitness, keep the bodybuilding community spirit alive and help others.

Of course the main goal will never be compromised and that will be remaining an avenue for me to express. I will not hold back any opinions or thoughts in the name of growing this site. So be prepared to be challenged in terms of opinion and thinking, be ready to share your side - because I'm ready to be wrong.

So stay tuned for more interesting posts!

That's all for now until next time(very soon), keep thinking!

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