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The most powerful and underrated tool for building muscle & burning fat: Chapter 3

The most underrated tool for building muscle and burning fat
The exception to science and the way I achieved my body

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Chapter 3: Maximizing your psychological condition: Daily Activities(Part 1)
Now comes the part we focus on maximizing your psychological condition. Let’s begin with maximizing through daily activities.
Daily activity factors are critical because it’s something we repeat day in, day out. Its impact on our psychology will be compounded daily amounting to something very significant. There are 3 ways this can be done:
a)      Rituals & Rules
b)      Attention to Details
c)       Good habits
Rituals & Rules are things you would do to improve your psychological condition that you otherwise would not have done. These are extra things you implement in your day that sends a specific message to your mind every time you do it.
For example: eating every 3 hours. As mentioned in Chapter 1, staying in the “zone” long after you set out to achieve your goal is something most are unable to do and something psychological conditioning can help achieve.
The problem with staying in the “zone” is that the natural inclination of any human being is to choose to path with less resistance. This translates to trying to accomplish our goal while having the minimum number of restrictions and rules to follow and least amount of things to do. This results in us losing attention from our goal and as a result, we lose the “feel” a.k.a. we fall out of the “zone”. This is where these rituals and rules come into play.
By eating every 3 hours, whether you believe in it scientifically or render it useless but by implementing such a system in your daily schedule, it forces you to repeatedly do something throughout the course of the day that will keep your attention on your goal. It makes your entire day revolve around your goal, keeping your attention on it. Note: It doesn’t have to be 3. It can be 2 or 4 or any number but 3 is the number I’ve found that keeps you in the zone without obstructing your day too much.
Another example I personally practice is remaining covered up when I’m out -Either wearing long sleeved t-shirts or preferably, a hoodie on. The initial reason behind such a practice was the psychological effect resulting from the comments of others when I dieted previously. “You lost weight” or “you became smaller” or even "you look bigger" and "you look the same" can really screw with your mind and cause you to deviate from your plan or question yourself – something you don’t want to be doing because you’ve to have conviction in what you’re doing to do it well. Upon implementing this practice, I discovered the other psychological benefits behind it. It became another constant message I send to myself whenever I was out, reminding myself of my goal and helping me stay in the zone wherever I am. It also helped with visualization and avoiding shitty lighting and mirrors.
Let’s talk visualization first. When you’re covered up, especially in a hoodie, any mirror or reflection you walk pass, or even when you look down at your arms, you are left to your imagination for what lies under. This becomes the perfect opportunity to visualize. To constantly imagine that underneath that hoodie, lays your perfect body. And trust me, visualization itself is a tool for psychological conditioning. I personally visualize everything -How my body will turn out, my workouts, my lifts, my day, everything.
Now let’s talk about shitty lighting and mirrors, or not even shitty, but great too. You see you’re probably accustomed to the lighting in your room and in your gym - these are your reference points. When you go out and encounter various lightings and reflections and also dressed in various clothing, it can differ quite a lot from what you are used to. A lighting or outfit that’s too good and you start to think you progress when you didn’t. When it’s horrible? Needless to say you are just going to feel hopeless where your goals are concerned. So remaining covered up prevents such things from happening.
Due to the length of this chapter I've split it into two parts. The second half of this chapter will be posted soon. My apologies for splitting so much but its necessary if not this post will just go on for too long with too many words. Stay tuned!

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