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The most powerful and underrated tool for building muscle & burning fat: Chapter 2

The most underrated tool for building muscle and burning fat
The exception to science and the way I achieved my body

If you've missed Chapter 1, click here: Chapter 1: The Tool - What is it?

Chapter 2: Understanding the “psychological factors”

There are so many different ways our psychology can be affected and another million ways this affected psychology can affect our results. How do we begin to make sense of all of these?

I refer to things that affect our psychology, our mind-set, our focus as psychological factors. These factors are anything and everything that might influence our minds and I mean everything; not just things within the realm of bodybuilding.

I have developed what I call the 3 psychological factors. They are:

1)      Daily Activities

2)      Strategic Plans

3)      Perspectives

Daily Activites cover all the actions that occur during the day(or the lack of). For example, what time you wake up, what you eat for breakfast, how much time to you allow yourself to get ready in the morning before heading to work/school, what you must do before training and so on.

Strategic plans are our long term decision-making and plans. For example, whether we choose to cut or bulk, how long do we cut or bulk, dirty bulk or clean bulk, compete this year or next year and so on.

Perspectives are how we choose to view things. How we choose to view our circumstances, our progress, and our decisions and so on plays a part in our psychology. We have an opinion on just about anything whether we realize it or not, and these millions of opinions affects our psychology.  As Shakespeare said “Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so”.

In the following chapters I will go further in depth on each of the factors to fully understand how they work and how we can maximize our psychological conditioning with them.
Since this is such a short post and I wouldn't want my readers walking away feeling empty handed, I've decided to release chapter 3 right away.
Click here:Chapter 3 – Maximizing your psychological condition: DailyActivities

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