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The most powerful and underrated tool for building muscle & burning fat

The most underrated tool for building muscle and burning fat
The exception to science and the way I achieved my body

 My 6 month natural transformation

2008-2013, Natural transformation.
If I have to give credit to one thing and one thing only for how I achieved this at my age, I'll have to name this tool I used. This tool is so overlooked by everyone that I feel the need to finally come out and share with everyone what got me where I am. Yes, I'm not the best out there, you may be ahead of me or behind me in terms of body development but I promise that if you implement this tool, you'll progress so much more.

Chapter 1: The tool - What is it?
What is it that makes the difference between those who accomplish something significant with their bodies and those who seemingly try but never quite get there? Drugs? Genetics? Supplements? Circumstances? Certainly they play a role but that’s not what differentiates one from being average. Is it knowledge? Perhaps it is. Knowledge of what though?

It is the knowledge of how the mind is the most important factor to achieving your dream physique. It can limit you as much as it can help you. It is the greatest asset we have that we can choose whether we want this valuable asset to be working for us or against us. Neglecting it or failing to acknowledge its power automatically has it working against us, limiting us.

We’ve all heard bodybuilding champions talk about the mind and its significance. Yet when we ask questions to propel us further in this journey, we always seek scientific answers. How often do you see in a Q&A part of a seminar with a champion, someone enquiring about obtaining a champion’s mind-set? Instead people want to know if so-and-so thinks that carbs post-workout is a yay or nay.
I’ve come to realize that those who are able to recognize and act on the importance of psychological conditioning will usually reach “the next level”. Yes, that's what this post is about - Psychological conditioning. Psychological conditioning is the term I use to describe actions and decisions we make in the name of improving our mental state of mind in the areas of motivation, focus or limitations.  This does numerous things for an individual.

The first and most straight forward is to help us stay far more motivated than otherwise would be. The second would be the ability to stay in the “zone”. Too often I see individuals all fired up about getting ripped – this is what I call the “zone”. They would speak as if they’re ready to make a statement in their own lives and the lives of those around them. But 2 weeks later they seem to have forgotten entirely about their goal and it’s as if nothing happened. Staying in zone and always having conscious attention on the goal, never missing a beat, can take a person so much further.

And finally, it unlocks potential within the individual. Every action we do speaks to our minds and the more actions we do that tells our mind we have a reason to accomplish what we would otherwise deem impossible, we start to believe in the impossible – because we’ve given ourselves so many reasons to. When we start believing in anything, the potential for what can happen is unlocked and almost unlimited.

Psychological conditioning works by understanding the psychological factors and how to use these factors to optimize our psychology and unlock potential.

Next Chapter: Understanding Psychological Factors

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