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The 5 unusual things I did to achieve my body naturally at 19

Knowledge, genetics, experience, discipline, hard work - these are all pre-requisites to a great body. However one aspect I believe many miss out on, due to the excessive focus on science, is psychological conditioning. These days everyone is so calculative. If in theory something does not have a direct impact on one's progress(eg. calories, reps, sets, macros), it not only takes a backseat in our focus but diminishes entirely.

Psychological conditioning more than anything keeps me far more motivated and determined. It sets the mental tone for how serious I take what I'm doing with my body and emphasize the importance of not minute details but rather minute actions that can go a long way when accumulated over time. It gives me a sense of having an edge over others who will fail to realize this aspect and thus a psychological edge.

I'll break this up into a few posts, sharing 1-2 things each time - what they are and why I do them.

1. Wake up the same time(early) everyday

Yes, whether I was having holidays, term in school or work, I woke up the same time everyday. And that time is early. For example during term, on days I had morning classes I had to wake up at 6. On days that I did not have school or morning classes, I still woke up at 7 on purpose. Likewise for the weekends. During holidays it was the same time everyday.

Why? Well the most obvious reason is this, who the **** accomplishes anything when their body clock is either upside down or inconsistent???? Or worst of all, both?! If you set out on a plan one day deciding you're going to get into the shape of your life, yet you keep everything about your life exactly the same and try to fit the plan inside, you're going to either, never get started or fight the feeling of just giving up on that plan because each day you feel burdened down by it.

But if you change your entire life which includes other areas that are not exactly related in theory to your plan/goal, you will begin to see an immediate psychological change within yourself. This transcends into you not only feeling better but the psychological edge that you have, having added something positive to your life that is a daily occurrence, will send positive vibes to your own mind every, single, day.

Plus, the difference between waking up at 2pm vs 6-8am... I don't know about anyone else but waking up 2pm makes me moody and feel like shit because I just wasted the entire day whereas waking up at 6-8am makes me feel like I have a head start to life with a long exciting day ahead.

Another rational behind waking up the same time everyday is consistency. Which is my next unusual thing.

2. Consistency

Okay wait, doesn't sound that unusual right? Everyone know you've to be consistent to achieve your goals. Well, let's say I take it a step further with an added perspective.

The time I wake up, the gym I train at, the machine I use(is the machine on the left or on the right), the foods I eat, the portions, the method of measuring(cook weight or uncooked?), the brand/source of my food, the way its cooked, etc. These were all kept CONSISTENT.

Again, does it really matter in theory? I mean how does what time I wake up affect my body? How does training at Cali Orchard differ from Cali Novena? Does a few grams off the weighing scale really matter? What about the brand.. brown rice is brown rice, no?

Too often I see people so caught up with minute details, they forget what's important - minute actions. I see people research so in depth that they start throwing so many scientific jargons out like they have a PhD and found a secret molecular formula to solve this mystery of getting jacked. Or focus on little details like, what should my sodium be offseason?

Yet when it comes to weighing their food, 10g off doesn't matter. Heck, I can just eyeball this thing and key it into myfitnesspal right? Or hey, just 1 piece of chocolate is negligible right?

What kind of a signal does this send to yourself? If you focus so much on finding a good method but not perfectly doing anything... You're basically displaying behaviours of a lazy ass. You want to find the best way possible, putting your attention there and when it comes to getting this done, you put in minimal effort, hoping your Einstein-ness will cover your ass.

Again, its not so much about what happens in theory but what happens in reality. That 5g you decided to ignore, the agar-ation/guess-timation you decide to do, all the little actions you fail to give a **** about, it speaks to you unconscious mind. It tells you that you don't really care about what you're doing, you're not putting in your absolute best, you put in average(or even below average) standards, you will receive likewise. So it doesn't matter what fancy protocol you follow or developed/modified for yourself, if your basics aren't there, you've already psychologically limited your true potential.

When you decide to be so consistent in every aspect, focus on the little actions, you know that you've eliminated the issue of variation. You know that everyday, you're doing the exercise at the specific machine where you feel it best, you are eating the same amount as yesterday and the day before(so that when you want to implement change in plan it is more consistent with change in results) and so on but most importantly, you know that you're doing something most people won't. You're not only sending a clear signal to yourself with every little action everyday, that btw accumulates and equates to a very huge psychological impact about how serious you take yourself, but you now know that with this, you're ahead of most.

More to come in my next post!

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