Monday, April 21, 2014

Think those who are born into wealthy families are lucky? Think again.

Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so - William Shakespeare

It seems many people think of those who are born into well-to-do families are very lucky people. I on the other hand believe that life is balanced and there is no good or bad, lucky or unlucky. Being born into a wealthy family can be as much a misfortune as being born into a broke one. What do I mean?

For the sake of this simplicity, I'll refer to those who are born into wealthy family as "rich people" although it is not necessarily them who are rich but their parents.

These people will face a different problem. That is having to maintain that standard of living. You see when you are born into and lived your whole life being accustomed to a particular standard of living, it becomes your baseline, your norm, your point of reference. When it becomes your baseline to never need extra money and almost whatever you want, you get without realizing its value, without having to work for it.. you will not value money as much as someone from the opposite background.

So here's why it might just be a misfortune. You now have such a high standard for how you should live your life because it's your norm but you have no real desire or burning fire to achieve it because you never knew its value. That now, once you're older and on your own to make a living, it becomes a struggle to meet your minimum standard rather than a struggle to meet your dreams. Your motivation becomes fear of having to accept less rather than desire for more. Imagine a life like that.

Like wise for the opposite end. It might just be a fortune. Let's take an extreme example: Someone from a third world country with no proper access to basic necessities. All you need to do is give that person a stable supply of any kind of food and any kind of housing, even if its at the cost of working a very labour intensive minimal wage job, that person will probably be one of the happiest individuals on this planet. See how easy life is?

So am I saying it's good to come from poor and bad to come from rich? Absolutely not. It's why I left that quote at the beginning. It really doesn't matter if you come from the top or the bottom. It's how you rationalize your situation to determine how your life is going to be like and whether it's a good thing to you or bad.

Coming from the top you can either be what I described above OR you can always remember to appreciate your circumstances and maximize your situation to pursue other passions that you will develop in replacement of the more common passion for money.

Coming from the bottom you can either choose to hate life because you keep thinking it's unfair and you're always unfortunate or unlucky that you've to work so hard for what may seem to come by effortlessly for others, OR you can recognize your situation as a positive one. That it is so much easier to be content and happy than it is for the rich ones and you are motivated by desire for something better, for what you want instead of being driven by fear.


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