Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why you should love your flaws and hate your perfections

I wouldn't know about anyone else but it frustrates me whenever someone gives me a compliment for something then throws me an insult for another. It bugs me because they are being contradictory without realising it.

It's contradicting because the thing I was complimented for is the very thing I'm being condemned for; Which is who I am. Flaws and perfections in individuals are merely a superficial reflection or the manifestation of what we already are within - the inner self. The reason for a particular perfection is also the reason for all other perfections and flaws.

Picking apart perfections and flaws to throw compliments and insults would be a huge contradiction. Take for instance an individual who most would identify as egoistic and kind. Condemning this person for being egoistic while praising him for being kind would be a contradiction of his inner self. Don't get me wrong though. I'm not saying a good quality cannot be complimented on while a bad one is being condemned. What I'm saying is most people do it without realising these qualities are merely a reflection of one's character and are all the an expression of this same character. Because they fail to realise this, they end up being contradictory in this perspective.

An example where both qualities can be easier linked back to being the manifestation of one's inner self would be a personal one. I am often complimented for being determined. Yet often condemned for being stubborn. What people fail to realise is I am determined for the very same reason I am stubborn. It's me. That's me. It's easier to see now because these 2 characteristics are more similar but really it applies to characteristics and qualities.

So if you hate your flaws, hate your perfections just as much. If you love your perfections, love your flaws just as much. It's all the same, it's who you are. It's like a man loving his success in basketball but hating his height for being "too tall". It ultimately comes back down to who you are and who you are is what determines your flaws and perfections not the other way around.

Put it this way, without your greatest flaw, your greatest perfection would not exist. Think.

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