Friday, January 17, 2014

Why you must always follow through with your words

Words can be very tricky. They are free for us to throw around and its importance is more often than not underestimated. What I choose to say can be vital to who I become in a variety of ways.
Because it’s free, it’s up to us to give words their value. I find there great power in ensuring I follow through with my words. For example if I say I am going to do a 25 week diet, I do it. I won’t allow a change of feel to change what I set out to do. Even if on the 1st or 24th week I(think I)realise this really isn’t what I want to do or the right way to do things, great power comes from following through.
It establishes a form of self-integrity with ourselves while of course giving our words value to ourselves and others. What do I mean? Too often you see people get hyped up when they’re feeling motivated and they will set out to do a tremendous amount of work and it will appease their ego for that moment as they speak their current state of mind and thoughts, be it to the world or to others. The problem comes when the hype they felt has died down – suddenly everything they said doesn’t seem to be in any part of their life. It’s as though they never said it.
The problem? It becomes habit. Words lose power. Self-integrity is lost.
It becomes a habit that they will always say anything they want at any moment and make no effort to follow through when the emotions have died down. It becomes habit to not get things done.
Words lose power because now everything they say, no one will take seriously. Not even themselves. Because it has become too common for such big goals to be thrown around but never completed. It’s like crying wolf.
Self-integrity is the most important aspect here I believe. Following through with your words even when feelings have changed is the one way that makes your self-integrity. The opposite holding through as well. If you tell yourself you’re going to do ABC then no matter the circumstances, it is necessary for you to complete ABC to build a sense of self integrity that will help you avoid making excuses for future goals. What do I mean?
Say for instance you set out to do ABC. If you were to, before completing ABC, feel like ABC is no longer your goal or is the wrong way to go about achieving your goals, the only way to be sure you’re not in denial of being just too weak to complete it, is to complete it. That builds self-integrity. If you go with your emotions and you don’t complete ABC, you set yourself up for such behaviour to go on. You risk being someone of self-denial every time something gets too hard to complete. At the same time, your words now lose its power. Statements from then on has less impact on others and yourself when spoken from you which sets you up for falling into this habit because you would then start losing faith in your own ability to stick to your words.
I encourage anyone to take words seriously and empower them. Choose what you say wisely, do not practice mouth therapy where you say a tremendous amount because you're feeling good. Always make it a point to follow through.

P/S: Finally my brain works again after my diet is over I can finally blog!

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