Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I applaud the boy who shouted at his teacher (video in post)

Before I go on writing what I have to say regarding this topic I would like to make clear certain points to avoid being misunderstood as I have been when discussing this topic elsewhere. This topic will be a little deep so if you find it very shallow, and a simple discussion on who’s right and who’s wrong, who has the right to do what, you’ve missed the point.
1.       This is not a discussion on who’s right or who’s wrong. I will not mention who I think is right and wrong here and it is irrelevant in this discussion
2.       The manner in which the boy chose to react (shouting) is irrelevant. Again, not related to the point I’m driving across.
3.       Keep a very broad perspective. Do not use school rules (which is also irrelevant here) as a platform for forming any kind of decisions. If you start bringing up school rules you’re off topic.
4.       There will be a tendency for anyone reading this to bring up other irrelevant information/perspectives because they think it’s a discussion on whether the boy should have done what he did. Which brings us to 5.
5.       This is not a discussion on whether the boy should have done what he did. Which brings us to 6.
6.       This is an alternate perspective to see good in what may seem like a very negative incident.
7.       I take no sides when writing this post.
8.       This is what I choose to applaud because such values impress me. So don’t tell me what to applaud and what not to applaud(oh yeah, it happened lol)
9.       Read everything again carefully and REMEMBER to bear them in mind.
10.   I welcome any discussion so long I’m not misunderstood! Always appreciate a good discussion whether on alternate views or debating.
11.   If you’re still here I’m impressed with myself.
NOW, let me share my perspective.
If this boy believed what he is doing is wrong but did it anyway because he simply couldn’t control his aggression then nothing more needs to be said. He has attitude issues. In other words, if he acted based on ungrounded aggression, there’s nothing more to this but to talk about who’s right and who’s wrong which I do not wish to venture into.
But if this boy did it because he has matured ahead of his time and he has a set of values that includes self-respect, which seems quite possible based on certain things he shouted, then there is something to be said about what he did. If he acted because he believed he should not be shouted at and he had enough self-respect to stand up for himself, then regardless of whether he has the right to shout back, regardless of right or wrong, regardless of whether he should be shouted at or not, I applaud him.
Why? It shows character. If you think character is obeying commands without thought or basing it on a set of values, you’re mistaken. That’s society’s machines. This boy has character because firstly, he has self-respect. He respected himself enough to not subject himself to what he believed (I emphasize “WHAT HE BELIEVED”, before someone comes disagreeing) was disrespect to him and no human being should be subjected to such degrading action (except military perhaps where it would not be considered degrading). Secondly, he has the ability and guts to do so. He’s not another machine that take orders without any thought. I believe our upbringing has let many, myself once included, to be suppressed individuals. We are always taught to control, listen and obey. Our character, what’s left of it, are duplicates that are limited in our ability to express thought, creativity and emotion.
I applaud him because if he acted based on self-respect, he has just displayed the very same characteristics that got heroes like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks to where they are in history. He stood up for values he believed in.
Now before you go on saying its different and they chose more peaceful forms of standing up and they did it for racial discrimination which is basic human rights etcetc, let me say this: They are similar on character level. The action they chose may differ, the severity/significance may differ and the cause may differ but that’s all irrelevant to the fact that the character that I applaud are exactly the same – they did what they believe was the right thing to do based on values.
I was asked…. if that’s the case, we should applaud every serial killer in history? Yes and no. Given that all the serial killers even names like Hitler acted based on standing up for a value which they believe warrant the need for what they did, I applaud them FOR that one character. For standing up for the values that they believe in. I do not applaud them as a whole of course. Just because someone did something that would be considered by most to be wrong doesn’t mean they have no characters that are worthy of applaud. Doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to be looked up to for. If a serial killer spent sleepless nights to stalk his victim and exuded extreme levels of determination to kill his target, can we not look at to him for an example of what determination looks like?
Back to the boy. Disrespect? Debatable. But I say if you’re going to thrash him for disrespect and oldies talk about how in their time no one did that. No it’s nothing to do with the younger generation having less respect. It has to do with more daring individuals and less aggressive teachers, yes. But if you want to trash him for disrespect for one second, don’t target only him. He’s better than the rest. If you think everyone from the past and the other kids that sat down held tremendous respect for the teacher or teachers in general, you are greatly mistaken. Most, not all of course, are seated and allow themselves to be subjected to shouting not because they have better character than this boy. But because they have less. They are this boy minus the self-respect and guts. They chose their course of action (or inaction) not because of respect but because of fear.
So regardless of whether he was in the right or wrong, IF and only IF, he acted from a place of self-respect, I truly applaud him for standing up for his values. We need more of him around in my opinion.
AFTER ALL IS SAID, here’s the shortest conclusion: I applaud the boy for doing one thing – what he believed was the rightful thing to do. Provided that's the case of course. That’s all.
PS. I have never shouted back at teachers before so I’m not here to try and defend myself. I have only stood up for myself against an aggressive lecturer but in calm manner.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Why you must always follow through with your words

Words can be very tricky. They are free for us to throw around and its importance is more often than not underestimated. What I choose to say can be vital to who I become in a variety of ways.
Because it’s free, it’s up to us to give words their value. I find there great power in ensuring I follow through with my words. For example if I say I am going to do a 25 week diet, I do it. I won’t allow a change of feel to change what I set out to do. Even if on the 1st or 24th week I(think I)realise this really isn’t what I want to do or the right way to do things, great power comes from following through.
It establishes a form of self-integrity with ourselves while of course giving our words value to ourselves and others. What do I mean? Too often you see people get hyped up when they’re feeling motivated and they will set out to do a tremendous amount of work and it will appease their ego for that moment as they speak their current state of mind and thoughts, be it to the world or to others. The problem comes when the hype they felt has died down – suddenly everything they said doesn’t seem to be in any part of their life. It’s as though they never said it.
The problem? It becomes habit. Words lose power. Self-integrity is lost.
It becomes a habit that they will always say anything they want at any moment and make no effort to follow through when the emotions have died down. It becomes habit to not get things done.
Words lose power because now everything they say, no one will take seriously. Not even themselves. Because it has become too common for such big goals to be thrown around but never completed. It’s like crying wolf.
Self-integrity is the most important aspect here I believe. Following through with your words even when feelings have changed is the one way that makes your self-integrity. The opposite holding through as well. If you tell yourself you’re going to do ABC then no matter the circumstances, it is necessary for you to complete ABC to build a sense of self integrity that will help you avoid making excuses for future goals. What do I mean?
Say for instance you set out to do ABC. If you were to, before completing ABC, feel like ABC is no longer your goal or is the wrong way to go about achieving your goals, the only way to be sure you’re not in denial of being just too weak to complete it, is to complete it. That builds self-integrity. If you go with your emotions and you don’t complete ABC, you set yourself up for such behaviour to go on. You risk being someone of self-denial every time something gets too hard to complete. At the same time, your words now lose its power. Statements from then on has less impact on others and yourself when spoken from you which sets you up for falling into this habit because you would then start losing faith in your own ability to stick to your words.
I encourage anyone to take words seriously and empower them. Choose what you say wisely, do not practice mouth therapy where you say a tremendous amount because you're feeling good. Always make it a point to follow through.

P/S: Finally my brain works again after my diet is over I can finally blog!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3 days out from Muscle War 2014 - Thoughts

After dieting for 25 weeks and being so driven, it's so easy to lose focus of my goal. Top 5? Win? Participate? Happy with how I look onstage?

My only goal coming into this was to do my best. Absolute best. First place or last, look like crap or look like a god - if I did my best I've succeeded and if I did not, I have failed.

Have I succeeded? I'll keep that to my heart.

It can be overwhelming at times when I get comments on how I will place. It can be very distracting. It is distracting. Nonetheless in the past 4 weeks I am just amazed by the support others would give. Especially from those who aren't close to me. The help I was offered. The advice. The guidance. I am thankful.

I gave my absolute best since I set eyes on this one year ago. The next 3 days will be no different. My best may not be the best way, but it's what got me here. In the same way eating every 3 hours may or may not be necessary theoretically, but it's what got me here. This is bigger than science. This is matters of the mind.