Saturday, June 15, 2013

What are "deep" thoughts?

Defining deep thoughts is a deep process in itself.

First thing is first, I've had my fair share of both sides of the coins. Friends who find my writings interesting, friends who I found out are interested in such things as well(a real surprise and very comforting to know because society these days seem to be too caught up in sleeping, shopping, video-gaming, drinking, clubbing, partying, studying/working for the sake of it that I fear the such interests are lost) and of course, friends who tease me for what I do.

For anyone who isn't close to me, I am not always this "deep" in my daily conversations. I do not try to exude a smarty pants image. In fact, I think most of my peers think lowly of me based on how I choose to carry myself. Fuck it, I don't speak anything like this. I mean, at 18 years of age and especially in this era and society, most of my peers aren't going to give a rats ass about such things. Namely philosophy and perspectives. So when they(or you) come reading my blog, they would feel uneasy and even hilarious that I venture into things such as these. They think it's a joke especially when it comes from me.

Which is precisely why I created this blog in the first place. Not for viewership. Not for showcasing knowledge. The primary reason is because I hardly ever speak these thoughts out and as they grow deeper and accumulate, I get overwhelmed and frustrated with the need to let them out since my peers aren't exactly the sort to let it out on. Of course secondary reasons include sharing with others to whom may be interested.

Emerson once said the most difficult thing for man to do is to be himself in a world that's trying to change him. It may be uneasy for some to grasp the idea that I am not as mentally low(or not high) as most thought I am because it forces them to look at themselves. People can't take it when you change for the better because it means they have to change. Be it to accommodate the new you or to discard you from their lives. It forces them to look at their own lives and lifestyle. If it makes them feel bad about themselves, instead of making that change, they choose to mock you and try to keep you from changing.  Nothing has changed about me in case anyone thinks this is a change. I have simply revealed a side I never had to most. So don't get the idea I'm suddenly going to be all deep with people I hang out with. I'll still be that guy who looks like he doesn't know nor care about any of these stuff.

Now moving on to those who misunderstood deep thoughts. You see, I've been mocked most with the word "deep". I don't understand why society thinks deep means it's complex. Deep isn't complex. Deep is deep. Like how shallow thoughts scratch the surface of things, deep thoughts simply looks deeper. The thing about deep thoughts is not that people can't understand it(though sometimes that's the case until explain with great detail and elaborate examples like in my posts), it's that people can't gain that perspective on their own. What deep really is, is a perspective that is simply deeper than where most people's thoughts venture to. So by simply showing you the way, and explaining the idea, it should be comprehended by even primary school kids. It works very much like philosophy and enlightenment. In fact that is what some of my posts are/going to be, though I prefer it not to be referred to as the former. Philosophy is simply an idea for perspectives for understanding the world and everything related. Enlightenment is realization. In the sense that it introduces an individual to a way of thinking or a thought that was never known to the individual.

The idea that society has that anything smart is something complex with big words thrown around and full of complexity that only a few people can understand is just stupid an naïve. Perhaps too much Hollywood movies that everything has to be extreme.

So are they meant to be complex? NO! If they are then that's another thing. The reason I said some people aren't capable of listening to it is not that it's complicated(usually) but because of rigid mindsets that society has engraved in most of us that we are unable to look at things from any other perspective than the one we have been accustomed to all our lives.

So of course when you read what I have spent so much effort trying to explain as simply and convincingly as possible, you would understand it. Understanding it doesn't mean it wasn't deep. I know some people get the sense that I have said nothing "new"(or go like "DUH...") because they understand everything I wrote and it all seems logical. What they don't understand is THAT is my point. The reason I refuse to call my thoughts philosophy is I feel uneasy giving it such a "title" when all I did was use the logic I have to venture deeper into ideas and come up with perspectives for deeper understanding of situations. The point I am really trying to get across to people is that "deep" is just logic that digs deeper. It is a logic we all have but the difference is, are we able to gain such perspectives without first being shown the way?(difference between a philosopher and one who studies philosophy)

So just because I'm not that guy that tries to speak with colourful vocabulary(which I can't stand btw) and takes(or even creates) every opportunity to showcase what I know, doesn't mean I'm as simple as that guy I appear to be.

If you're one who thinks of this as a joke, my impression of you is terribly ruined. You really exude that impression of a modern day teen who is only interested in fun and no work. No interest in anything meaningful and no values. Not saying that's you but that's the impression you carry.



  1. I'd agree with your idea of thinking "deep" being not as complex as people think. Fact of the matter is, we take much less time to ponder on things from different perspectives nowadays, whatever the reason may be. I personally think that what is more frustrating is the fact that these "deep" thoughts are actually so accessible to people more than they know it is, and that some people don't bother to take that little bit of a moment to reach that epiphany/enlightenment.

    1. Yes, have to agree with you on that, Pocholo. All it takes is logic really. :)