Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time Travel - The concept of time

A friend of mine asked me awhile back if I thought time travel was possible. Prior to his question, I've never actually given it any thought. My conviction in my immediate thoughts and answer was so strong, I thought I share.

This perspective cannot be clearly defined nor can it be illustrated easily so I'll try my best. This first thing that came to mind was that time is entirely human. Time is a concept. A concept made by man to give measurement to what we now know as time which was previously and actually, nothing. Had we not known/established such a concept, we wouldn't even think that "time" changes. That there's a clock ticking. That our daily activities take a constant amount of "time" to be executed. It's all a concept we developed. Well, at least that's my perspective. We were born with it's existence and dependent on it to track back centuries of history(that included time as well) that we almost cannot hold the idea that it is just a man-made concept because everything we try to explain about time requires us to refer to it as though it really exist. Even I find difficulty explaining this without referring to time as though it's real.

The idea is that there is only now. The best imagination I have in my head to help my grasp this concept is a picture of a cactus in the desert(the idea is a plant, but desert seems to help because it eliminate human presence). The cactus does not think of what happened or is going to happen. Whether time move forward or back. It simply grows and survives. With that picture and thought in mind, it slowly becomes clear that there is no "time". There is just now. Each and every passing moment. It is this concept of time that makes us think that there is past and a future, literally to some or even full extent. The truth is, with every moment that has passed us, it doesn't disappear, it doesn't move behind - it simply does not exist anymore than it is the same moment we are in right now. Likewise for each moment we "move" into. It did not come into existence, we did not move forward, it doesn't exist anymore than what we called the "past". It is all the same "moment" that happens only as it does- all the time(notice how I had to use the concept of time to explain this..). So moments as we know it only exist because of our understanding of the concept of time which in reality, doesn't exist. The past and future are real illusions that do not exist other than in our heads because it's existence is based on the concept of moment that does not exist because it was based on time.

So then, can we time travel? Are there really parallel time lines and all that? Well, I say no. If you understood the perspective I have offered, I don't see any reason to refute the perspective. If that's the case, that perspective would lead to the understanding that there is no past or future to travel to. Heck, time doesn't even truly exist; how do we TIME travel then! But hey, why should you listen to me when there are genius philosophers, scientists and physicists out there still thinking and studying this idea? Just a perspective worth knowing. Can we time travel? It's your call!


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