Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Truth about the Fear of Obsession

If you ever had an obsession(I emphasize "had"), you're probably really happy you're no longer stuck in that obsession. From eating disorders to appearance to passions/hobbies to god knows what, obsessions are usually viewed as bad.

Because of this, anyone who was previously obsessed and even those who never were but understand how "scary" it might be would develop this fear of ending up in that never ending cycle of obsession.

Well I have news for all you folks who are afraid of becoming obsessed(again). You are obsessed! The fear of obsession is an obsession itself. Sorry to burst your bubble. You are obsessed with not becoming obsessed.

What exactly is an obsession? It's defined as an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind. Why are obsessions said to be bad? Because it affects us in many ways. It affects our social life, affects our attention to more important things in life, most importantly it affects our ability to be in control of ourselves.

So why is the fear of an obsession an obsession? Because it is really no different from any other form of obsession. This fear will now constantly be at the back of your mind and will affect you in similar ways. Take for example a person who had an eating disorder of being overly meticulous over calorie counting, food choice and food timing that ended up ruining social life and affecting studies. After destroying this obsession, the fear of it returning now causes this person to be so afraid of being in any form of control of his/her food intake at all. He/she will also be afraid to take any form of control of social life. What does this mean? It means that now instead of having too much control, this individual ends up at the other end of the spectrum. The obsession has let to him/her to be unable to control anything. This person is now controlling him/herself too much to not be too controlling. (Control-ception!!!) Even if the individual is out of shape and needs to take some form of control to lose weight he or she won't be able to. Tell me how this isn't an obsession!!(It preoccupies the mind and has the exact same downside as any other obsession and clearly you are not in control of yourself). Just as the fear(obsession) of getting fat lead one to eating disorders of starvation, the fear(obsession) of that fear(obsession) is now leading one to over eating.

Worse still, this idea of control may affect other areas of life or life itself for that matter. This fear/obsession may lead one to be so afraid of being in control of anything at all. It's not rocket science. Psychology - Because of a past event, it affects an individual down the road in every aspect the individual may feel/tie any sense of similarity to.

My point? It's better to be obsessed over anything else than being obsessed over not being obsessed. In other words, anything is better than the fear of obsession.

More messed up thoughts to come..

Think Deep!

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