Saturday, June 29, 2013

"No Excuses" is bullsh*t

Firstly, I'm surprised by the number of friends who actually do read my posts. In less than a month it has hit close to 800 page views and I've a friend telling me this blog is awesome. Have another friend telling me he's become a fan of MuscleCeption(I even thought it was sarcasm at first lol!), friends discussing my posts with me and even friends who ask me why I haven't posted much lately. Well there are 2 reasons. Firstly, school has started and I'm just drained. Not by school itself but by waking up early to prep my meals, then of course there's school, then there's training and just eating, cooking and washing through the day. Add 2-4 social activities in a week and there's you have it - DRAINED. Another reason being I posted consecutively for many days when I first started blogging because those are the issues that have been bugging me since long ago which is why I started this blog in the first place. Now that I have settled most of them, not that I have nothing to post but I've nothing that's bugging me so it can wait for when I'm free and less dead. After all, that's the purpose of this blog - to let out what I need to let out. Of course I'll continue to share interesting thoughts/ideas even if they don't bug me, just slower!

NO EXCUSES! These 2 words have definitely gained popularity in recent years. It is preached by memes/tumblr-like pictures and further thrown around by people who aspire to reach a particular goal. It is especially popular within the fitness/bodybuilding scene. Yet it's bullshit. Why?

It's not bullshit because "no excuses" is the wrong approach. It's bullshit because people made it bullshit. It's so easy to see every tom, dick and harry posting pictures or even their own words saying those 2 magical words. Yet they completely misunderstood the concept. Firstly, they didn't realize how literal it was. Second, they fail to understand that at the moment they are going to go off track IS the fucking moment the 2 words are supposed to be used; not when all is good.

NO EXCSUSES........... except when there's haze. NO EXCUSES.......... except when someone passes away. NO EXCUSES........ except today. NO EXCUSES............ except just this once. NO EXCUSES..... except on my friend's birthday.

Will you fail to achieve your goal if you didn't train because there's haze? Will you fail because you didn't study when someone passes away? Will you fail because you ate the junk you weren't suppose to that one time? Probably.

Sure, missing that 1 - 4 training sessions is fine. Sure, missing a couple of days of study is fine. Sure, junking once when you weren't suppose to is fine. Well, that's assuming all things else remain status quo. But that's the problem, because of these actions(or lack of it), it won't. It speaks to the mindset that just once is fine, that a valid excuse means it's alright. The problem then comes when every time is just once. There's always an excuse to not do something, a valid one. From a reasonably valid excuse to an excuse so valid it makes no sense(to the shallow minded) to ignore it - Example: Training in the haze.

What people fail to realize is THAT is what no excuses is all about. No excuses isn't about the literal extent of no excuses at all - that's just the result. What no excuses is REALLY about is something more powerful. It's about the mindset. The mindset of understanding that no matter how valid an excuse is, our bodies and nature is still going to react the same way. Just because your excuse is valid doesn't mean the consequences of our actions will be any different, especially when we talk about our bodies, including our brains. Your body isn't suddenly going to not store fat because it's your friend's birthday. In other words, it's no different from giving straight into cravings. It's also about the understanding that the only way to be sure you won't keep lying to yourself with these "one time" things is to not even have that one time. I'm not saying be insane. I'm saying stick to the plan. The plan itself should be sane. Cheat that once a week. Have that one rest day from training/practice... BUT when it's not time to cheat, not time to rest.. there is no "one time only".

Why then does everybody throw the 2 words around so much? Well this is where the concept or motivation VS discipline come in which will be my next post. A more meaningful one because this post is as much a rant(can't stand people who go "no excuses" then give excuses) as it is an insightful opinion.


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