Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If you could change the past, should you?

"Everything is connected to everything else."

Every time I see/hear my idols, professional bodybuilders, get asked "What is one thing you would do differently if you could do it all over again.", my head starts thinking. Thinking about what? Thinking why on earth would they choose to do anything differently.

Our current situation is the manifestation of EVERYTHING that has happened to us. Every little detail of our past played a role in where we are today. I speak similar to the butterfly effect here. This is not something I made up. It's a theory that's out there and the idea is that one small event will result in determining many future events that are all connected(like a domino effect) that eventually influence a huge event into existence some time further down in your life. (it's called the butterfly effect because it represents the idea that one flap of a butterfly's wing somewhere may result in a tornado or disaster of sorts elsewhere)

Take for example today you decided to help someone hold the door. Now because you held the door, you ended up missing a bus. So you're one bus behind. The bus behind then breaks down and passengers are stuck for awhile. While stuck, you met this new person who eventually becomes your other half.

See what I mean? Had you never held the door, you would never have went down that path of life and your life would be completely different. Now that is an example of a positive act manifesting into a positive future outcome. However it may not necessarily have to be that way.

Take for another example, this time using the idea of the bodybuilders I mentioned at the start. A young bodybuilder starts off his bodybuilding journey lifting with bad form and a huge ego(lifting weights he can't control properly). This results in him getting severely injured, making him lose all the progress he ever made. This setback to his journey made him hungrier than ever to be positive and overcome adversity. So after recovery, he trains harder than ever and eventually turned into the professional that is now being asked by fans what he would have done differently if he could change the past.(different from the question "what should I(the fan) do differently" because the question posted implies that the bodybuilder would change the past if he could. And yes, I do know it's just a reply to let the fan know what they should do differently, but it is always this example that gets me thinking on this topic) So of course the bodybuilder says he wouldn't have had a big ego and would learn the proper form first before starting to lift.

Now had he done that, the outcome may be entirely different. His injury would never have occurred and he would never be driven like he was. His entire life would be different because he wouldn't be a professional bodybuilder. In other words, his success is the result of the injury.

Another example is a friend of mine who started getting into the sport he is into now only recently. He feels regretful for not starting out in his sport earlier so he could be even better at it. Because all his competitors started earlier.
Now applying this concept here, I told him he shouldn't be regretting anything. Had he started earlier, his course of actions throughout his entire life would be so different, he may even be hating his sport right now. Or have switched to another sport saying the exact same thing. Wishing he started earlier.

So you get the point. No matter how small, how negative or positive an action/decision of the past is, it shaped our very situation now more than we are conscious of. We therefore should not be wishing the past is any different so long we are contended with where we are right now(contended in the sense we are happy eliminating the factor that we think we could be better had the past been different). The idea that the removal of a particular mistake or doing something "better" would result in you being more successful at what you are doing now is completely false. In fact, whatever adversity we currently face, we should be positive in thinking it is the butterfly effects at work, leading up to something good later on.

More messed up thoughts to come..

Think Deep!

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