Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to love what you hate doing

As an aspiring bodybuilder, I eat every 3 hours and cook all my meals. My food list consist of primarily oatmeal, chicken breast, brown rice, egg whites to name a few. Just the sound of those and most of my friends would already go "ewww!". Well do I love eating it? Yes and no. Let's look deeper.

I don't know if other bodybuilders would have ever thought of this but bodybuilders claim to love bodybuilding so much yet we complain(but still get it done) about the foods we have to eat. It is no different from someone who loves soccer but complain about having to go for training. Or an aspiring business/arts student who claims to love business/arts so much but complains about lectures.

So what do I mean by yes and no to loving to eat those foods? As an action itself, I hate it. I won't try to lie to myself that because I love bodybuilding, I'm going to love eating such foods. Well then, does that mean I don't actually love bodybuilding? Absolutely not. One thing(of the many many other things) I love about bodybuilding is the idea of discipline. The concept of doing what I hate in order to achieve what I love. I love that I have to eat food I don't enjoy to create the body I aspire to have. After all, if bodybuilding allowed me to eat whatever I want(why I'll never do IIFYM), whenever I want in whatever quantities I want and achieve my body, I wouldn't love bodybuilding. Not as much at least. It would have lost one of it's greatest aspects.

The key to loving what you hate doing is to understand this concept. Embrace discipline. To love what we hate doing, we have to first love the idea of discipline.


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