Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fitness is an obsession

First thing to address - all my previous posts are gone. This blog shall now be my output for my thoughts/opinions/perspective on anything. Why? Because I'm a person with a shitload of thoughts that sometimes wander too fucking deep for people I talk to, to be interested in or capable of listening to. It annoys me when someone just cannot get me hence the use of a blog. This blog. So no pictures, or entertaining rubbish. Just me penning my thoughts.

On to topic, for the past 6 months or so I've been seeing so many people from within the fitness scene speak of either their fear of obsession, their disgust of people they find to be obsessed and being obsessed themselves.

By obsession, the physical action they are referring to is where one is taking things to the extreme. Controlling every gram of protein, carb and fat. Making no exceptions what-so-ever. Sacrificing social life to a great extent. To a point where you become different from everyone else around you.

So is this obsession? Yes and no!(Since when did any topic like this have a straight answer?) Physical actions are very superficial and have little meaning on its own.

"Every action is measured by the sentiment from which it proceeds." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This is a quote I got to know of through one of my inspirational figures and the magnitude of this quote is really quite amazing. It can be applied in this situation to give perspective, sure. It can also be applied to just about anything in life as well.

For those who don't get what it's trying to say, it is basically saying, our actions themselves should not be judged solely for what they are but for why they are being done. In other words, why did we do it? In this case, why are we doing what others call "obsessed"?

So to continue my answer... is it an obsession? There are 2 ways we could answer this all depending on slightly different impressions of the word "obsession". Firstly, we could say obsessed vs not obsessed. Then there is healthy obsession vs unhealthy obsession.

So.... what am I talking about? Some people take fitness to the extreme because they are afraid. They are afraid of their past(being unfit), they are afraid of being fat, they are afraid of what not! Some people take fitness to the extreme because they love their sport or simply fitness. They love the lifestyle even if it includes particular disliked tasks. They want to be the best they can be and to them that means giving it everything they got for what they truly want/love. They want to be successful at what they set out to do. You get the idea - the positive side of things.

Now.. this is why I say my thoughts wander deep(as if above wasn't deeper than usual already). Ask anyone who is being extreme and they will tell you(provided they are not in self denial) that almost all of the above exist. They do fear being fat and they want to achieve a good physique.(And no this 2 are not the same thing. One is being afraid of being fat and not the desire of having a particular body. The other is the desire to achieve a particular body but not afraid of being fat or not displeased with current body conditions) This is where the quote comes in. The fear and the want are the sentiments. But from which are the actions actually proceeding from? Yes we may have both. But only one of which is the true REASON behind why we are being extreme. I myself have both these sentiments in me. But it is from the latter that my actions are taking place.

In simple words, are we coming from a place of fear or a place of strength? Are our actions prompted by us being negative or being positive?
If we come from a place of fear, then it shows we truly cannot control ourselves hence an obsession, an unhealthy one. If we come from a place of strength, if we are trying to be the best person we can be, then perhaps it is not an obsession. If anything, it's an healthy obsession with no reason to be afraid of being involved with or no reason to hate others who are involved.

One thing I noticed about the people who claim it is obsessive is they don't love what they do. They love the results, they act mostly out of fear and they don't think things through or well... they come from a place of strength but can't take the extreme levels required and end up in a sort of denial(or misunderstanding) it is a bad obsession. No offense!

More messed up thoughts to come...

Think deep!

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