Sunday, June 9, 2013

Everyone is selfish. Selflessness does not exist.

This is something that's been in and out of my mind a million times. I've always kept thinking about whether or not selflessness truly exist. Whether or not we are all just selfish people at the end of the day.

What do I mean? Think about the person who donated to charity. Think about that time you donated for a flag day. Think about the time you held the door for someone. Think about the time you did a favour for a friend or a stranger.(of course I am presuming you have done all of this. If not at least one. IF NOT... woah there!) Did you feel a sense of selflessness? A found self-gratification because you felt like a good/better person? Did you feel happy?

Answer should be yes. If that's the case, isn't it safe to say that we usually perform "selfless" acts primarily to satisfy our own wants? To our own benefit? Either to remove that sense of pity or guilt we have for/towards someone. Perhaps to feel good about ourselves. Isn't that satisfying our own wants? Isn't that us being concerned with ourselves before others? Did you not care about your own want? Isn't us always being concerned with our own wants known as selfishness?

My opinion is that everyone is selfish. We care only about our happiness. For example, a mum who sacrifices her food she ordered to give her son an extra portion. What most people presume and think is that the mother has given up her own happiness for her son's. Question is, did that act not give her happiness? And isn't it out of this want for happiness that she acted upon?

Don't get the wrong message. I'm not saying the world is "selfish" as we know the word to be. It's not an ugly world. What I'm trying to say is our understanding of the entire picture as well as of the word "selfishness" is off.

So yes, EVERYONE is selfish. However there is something very important to be said about different types of people. Instead of differentiating between selfish and selfless, we need to different to find a better way to differentiate people. Because we are all selfish and none of us selfless.(Again, read this with new found perspective of the context or it would sound completely false to say)

Perhaps the difference is between someone who has a heart and someone that does not. The point is there is something to be said about the difference between a person who finds happiness in helping others and acts upon that versus someone who does not find any joy in helping people. They are both selfish, yet the best way I think of differentiating them is the presence of a heart.

More messed up thoughts to come...

Think Deep!

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