Friday, June 14, 2013

Chat with a Multiple BODYBUILDING NATIONAL CHAMPION Part 1: Humbleness

"Every action is measured by the sentiment from which it proceeds." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today while training, I was approached by this multiple Singapore national bodybuilding champion who has apparently won Asian titles before as well.

While training shoulders in my UA tank top I was hitting a little hands-on-hip most muscular pose in the mirror with music playing in my earpiece so I couldn't hear what he first said. Upon taking off my earpiece he said to me "You flex and pose a lot but you don't compete". We then went on chatting about a ton of other things. One of which include the competition scene in Singapore. Of which he told me(and of course I already know) that you can't go anywhere in Singapore with bodybuilding. You can't turn pro. He told me the standard here is poor. Due to the poor standard, he sees no purpose in bettering himself. He therefore stays at the same standard. He says he does not compete to win, yet when I offered my view that we compete because we love what we do, he called that rubbish as well.

What struck me to write this post was his first sentence. It deserves to be spoken of from 2 point of views: Humbleness & purpose of bodybuilding(competition).

I'll address the former in this part. Yes, I am terribly guilty of posing in gym mirrors when I train. Do you know what else I am guilty of? I am guilty of posing in my room's mirror and toilet's mirror multi-fucking-ple times a day. As in the quote above and my very first post on this blog, actions alone are the poorest means of which we should judge an individual. Instead, we should look at the sentiment or the "why" from which the action is carried out.

You see, I love bodybuilding. Nothing has changed since I was 9 years old. I love muscles. Be it on others or on myself. I have never failed to be amazed by the sheer idea and possibility that we can actually shape and build our very own bodies. It is because of this obsession for it that I stare at myself and hit poses in mirrors and watch bodybuilders for hours everyday on YouTube, buy tickets to watch bodybuilding competitions, admire the swole people I see around or in movies. No homo. Not gay.(though my phrasing makes me sound a bit creepy, I assure you it wasn't meant to come out like that!) The point is, how different is watching other bodybuilders on YouTube and looking at your own physique you've built in the mirror? In fact, it is even more amazing when it is on your own body then seeing it on others!

So why is it that posing in the gym made me a "show off" in his eyes? I don't claim to be humble nor do I claim not be a "show off" or not. Whether a person is humble or not isn't something that's a fact. It's an opinion OF every individual ON every individual including him/herself. Nobody is humble. Everybody is just themselves. It is the world that tries to categorize us into A-Zs.

But if that's the reason one is going to think I'm showing anything off, I definitely say that's wrong and na├»ve. Quite offended to be honest. As well as annoyed be his failure to gain perspectives. After all, if you're only 18 years old and not only willing but actually sacrifices a shitload of things like social life and good food just to progress in this sport, eat self prepped and packed(cold) meals every 3 hours regardless of school or no school, train 5 times a week, why would you not want to see your progress? Why would you not want to see what you look like when your muscles are full with blood? What about the people around then? Well if not for them being around, I would probably have taken my entire shirt off.(I only wear tanks/sleeveless because I'm an endomorph that needs to eat very strictly or I'll become a fat ass and that's a good way to help me make sure I don't become one.)
Not to mention I'm aiming to compete soon and I won't lie, I fear I won't even look like a bodybuilder on stage. I fear looking like a joke. That's why I constantly need to look at my reflection and tell myself I'm doing fine.

Don't get me wrong I don't bodybuild solely for gaining muscle. I love training. Even if I can never put on any muscle ever again, I would still train. However, with everything else I do in order to succeed and my very love for the physique itself, it would be a little crazy to imagine I don't look at myself in the mirror when I'm pumped up isn't it?

So what is showing off then? Showing off is someone who did exactly what I did, but the sentiment(intention) is that of a show off - to impress the people around. If that sentiment were true, the show off wouldn't be flexing numerous times at home when there is no one else looking.

You know what else is a show off? Someone who DOESN'T pose in the gym simply because of trying to maintain the image of being "humble". That is by no means humble as this person is now showing off humbleness. In fact, the person has allowed society to pressure him into acting against his (perfectly alright) will. This person is so concern what people think of him, he has allowed them to control his actions.

About this national champ, I don't hold anything against him. He trains very quietly, no slamming of weights and grunting(which will be another part aka another post), etc. I of course won't name him because the last thing I ever want is wasting time building enemies.(the same reason I smiled and carried on chatting with him instead of telling him off). After all, the very quote can be used back in his defence. He didn't come from an intention of hating on me. He simply lacked a deeper sense of perspective. His sentiment didn't come from a personal dislike of me but is a sentiment formed through misunderstanding. Of course the reason anyone would think posing in the gym immediately signifies showing off is probably someone who has a personal dislike of show offs that usually exist because of the manifestation from being one somewhere in their past. It is a normal phenomena that we tend to hate people whose character resembles our past character. Think about it and you'll realise it to be true.

Next part I'll be talking about the perspective on competing most people have, including him, that I feel is wrong. Another part I will cover with regards to our conversation is grunting in the gym(with light weights and heavy weights).

More messed up thoughts to come..

Think Deep!

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