Sunday, June 23, 2013

A word on success: Why some people will never be what they aspire to be

I am by no means a success guru. However, one does not need to be to able to speak of success. All we need to do is take a step back and make sense of everything around us. To analyse the successful and the not. To find out what is the difference between these 2 types of people.

Successful people tend to be what society identifies as unbalanced lifestyles or if not, less balanced than their less successful counterparts.(yet society fails to identify with this fact) The thing I've noticed about average people working towards a specific goal is they keep their lives very balanced. They are unable to shift all their attention towards one aspect of their lives. They want to fit into society. In other words, they try to have the brain of Steve Jobs, the body of Dwayne Johnson/(why can't I seem to find a female who's figure all girls admire and desire to have?) *insert your favourite female physique*, the swag of all the characters in movies that portray it and the image Hollywood portrays, the mind of Zuckerberg and the list of things goes on.

What society fails to actually come to their senses for is that.. Come on, how much swag do you think Steve Jobs has? The respect he commands doesn't come from swag, it comes from his success in business and his brains. Did you know Dwayne Johnson's trainer is a professional bodybuilder? What did you think he simply hits the gym every now and then and gets his body? As a bodybuilder myself that isn't even half his size, I already lead such an unbalanced life in the eyes of society. You think with all the movies he's filming and maintaining or even improving that physique, he's anything like what you imagine him to be? You think he's balanced? You think he has time for parties?

Average people look at these successful figures wondering what they did to get to where they are. Wondering how "lucky" they must be. While at the very same time trying so hard to fit into society and enjoy. Trying to seek balance in lifestyle. Looking down on those who perhaps have less of a social life or less of a whatever thinking this guy/girl is such a nerd or such an obsessed person, not realizing that they people they look down on are the type of people their idols probably were and even still are. All these while the average continue to seek balance in their lives. Spending only x amount of time actually working towards their goals, and a greater proportion of time doing things that are not advantageous to their goals like hanging out every other day, keeping up fashion, partying, eating like a pig.

Yet these are the people who you meet in your daily lives trying to hold the intellectual conversations they think Jobs has everyday. Dressing up with the Fashion equivalent to their favourite singer/actor/idol not knowing they only have such a fashion really because it's somewhat part of their job. And what not else do the average do!

Something else to spoken about success is that the people who achieve it, usually(though really not always) didn't actually work specifically for it. Meaning it may have been a motive and may have been a want, but it certainly wasn't their driving factor for doing whatever work they put in. The real reason behind their work is usually to achieve a goal that isn't "success" or simply because they enjoy what they do so much. For example, a singer just loves singing. Success came "accidently" for some. Like Justin Bieber. They never put in the work solely for the intention of becoming famous or for they money.

Reasons for this could be many. Like how working only because you want that image of success isn't going to be enough to drive you to put in the work that is required? Or like how if you don't even have the true passion for what you're doing, you really can't be successful at it? Who knows.

What really sparked me to write this post is seeing how so many people have goals and aspirations or even passions they claim to be working so hard for. Yet they seek balance in life. They put in hard work no doubt. But their hard work lasts for 2 hours a day or maybe even 1 hour, 3 times a week. The rest of the time of about 155-160 hours is spent either not contributing to their goals or counterproductive. This really irks me.

Take for example someone whose long term goal is to be a successful entrepreneur and short term goal is to do well in studies. Studying hard 2 hours a day isn't called working hard. Working hard should be how you spent your 24 hours a day. Now I don't mean study 24 hours a day but if being healthy helps you do better in your studies, then you should be making sure you get proper nutrition. It doesn't have to be like a bodybuilder but bingeing on ice-cream and macs all day certainly does you no help. Being obese and unhealthy can affect your energy levels throughout the day and hence your focus while studying. What about sleep? Study 2 hours a day and head out to club affecting your sleep for the next day and hence, your focus while studying.

Now think of this and apply it to your relevant goal/aspirations/passions. Be it sports, art(singing, dancing), business, whatever. How are you spending your day? How do you think your idols spend/spent theirs.(spent because they may be enjoying now[Though usually not. Just working hard in a different way] but what they did before they achieved success) Now look at this post's title. Have I maybe possible come close to answering that question? I hope so!


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